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Hiking to Observation Point - Zion National Park, Utah

OBSERVATION POINT – 8 miles round trip

The trail to Observation Point is one of the longer hikes in Zion. The trail begins at the Weeping Rock Trailhead and follows the East Rim Trail. This is a strenuous hike but is highly recommended, although not for those who have a fear of heights.

The first part of the zigzagging trail to Observation Point
The paved trail


The trail was chiseled out of the side of the canyon wall and can be quite hairy when you look at the ravine below. It is a long way down, though the trail is wide enough to allow two people to pass each other comfortably. But accidents can happen, especially when the trail is icy, so you have to be cautious - trail etiquette will be much appreciated. Although it is a well maintained trail and paved part of the way, there are switchbacks and zigzagging sections. Take plenty of water and pace yourself and you will have no problems.

Another zigzagging section of the trail

So now, don't be disheartened by the zigzagging trail and long uphill, you will have a reprieve. You will be surprised when you enter Echo Canyon. It is a nice place to stop, recharge and cool off while looking at the interesting rock formations and towering cliffs. You will be glad you brought along some snacks, since there's still a long way to go, so you will need it.

Towering cliffs
Echo Canyon

The spectacular view along the way is well worth the sweats and huffing and puffing, so keep going! You haven't seen the best view on the trail yet.

View across the canyon toward Angel's Landing (left just below the White Cliffs)

Finally, the summit, the Observation Point’s eight-mile trail is aptly named, the view takes in 270 degrees of the canyon. I think this must be the most beautiful spot in the park. The aerial view is amazing you can see as far as the eye could see. Look down and you will find the popular Angels Landing is much lower than the Observation Point.

The Observation Point

After your hike, you probably want to hydrate or have snack. We sure did. Unless you brought your own, the Zion Lodge, located in the heart of the canyon, is the only place you can find food inside the park. This lodge is part of the history of Zion. While resting and recharging, you will enjoy the view of the towering sandstone cliffs.


For more info about the free shuttles, check the link here.




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