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My husband, Hermann, and I love to travel, to explore mountain trails, to garden and to capture whatever interests us, which is pretty much everything.


To preserve our adventures and memories and combining them with photos and the things I learned is what encourages me to write books. 


Check them out! Each book will take you along to these amazing places that you may want to visit. The history, scenery and culture of these places are hopefully enough to keep you interested.

Travel & Garden Books

- My Favorite Book Quote -


“You cannot open a book without learning something”    _Confucius

- Photo Book -

Tulips in Spring

OUR GARDEN: Gardening in Colorado.


126 pages of colorful photos taken in our garden from spring to fall.


For some people, gardening is sometimes intimidating but it's a trial and error process and definitely not an overnight success. In this book are the lessons we learned gardening in Colorado. For the past eleven years or so,  we created an oasis not only for ourselves to enjoy, but for our friends and animal visitors (birds, butterflies and bees) that our garden attracts.

Below are some of the colorful pages you will find in this book.

- Travel Books -

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 


_ Gustave Flaubert

Iberian Road(320pages) Feb.12018.jpg

IBERIAN ROAD TRIP: Portugal & Spain

One of the beautiful places we explored in Europe is the Iberian Peninsula. The historic sites, the scenery, the food and the people all combined to create such a wonderful experience.


In Portugal, where we spent most of our time, we discovered unbelievable historic sites built during the times of conquest. While in the Extremadura region of Spain, we discovered historic sites left behind by the Romans.  

The food was an experience in itself. You heard of port wine I'm sure, but have you heard of Giginja? You've got to take a shot of this elixir in a chocolate cup when in Portugal.

New Zealand(351pages) 1542771684 Feb.12,

New Zealand: "The Land of the Long White Cloud"

New Zealand offers some of the best that nature has to offer. Spending a month here is not nearly enough to explore it all, but we tried our best. 

Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is not for everyone, but we were lucky enough to be able to do it, but you don't have to hike or climb mountains to see the beautiful sights. There's Hobbiton, a magical place worth stopping by, to name one. 

Renting a camper van is worth doing, it's a hotel and transport all in one. 

A Road Trip(384pages)B01786HRSG Oct.26,2

A ROAD TRIP: Switzerland and Germany

Bavaria, Germany alone has plenty of awe-inspiring history and architecture; it's just a matter of how much time you have. Plenty of castles, medieval towns and mind-boggling churches.

Switzerland is expensive, but as my husband says, "sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go for it". Lucerne is definitely a beautiful place to visit for its covered bridges.

Hiking in the Alps? I say you have a choice - you can make it easy or not. Taking a gondola to the top is an option to make an easy hike. 

- Other Books by Author -

What readers say...

what an engaging travel guide

— Beth Mahar, Amazon Reader

"What an engaging travel guide. The author writes as a friend, providing historical background to the places she and her husband visited, while delighting us with sights, sounds, and taste of what they experienced. She shows us how to explore, and create our own adventures" 

A new take on travel guides

"As the cover says, this is not a travel guide, but a travel journal. Don't be mistaken, though: It will provide you with just as much information on several parts of Portugal and Spain.


Instead of using the traditional (and exhausting) format of travel guides, where all pages are full of boxes and pictures and highlights and overwhelming information and what-not, the author does a great job of mixing historical research with personal experience and tips, while always dosing a great amount of humor, which makes the reading fluid and enjoyable. ​


At the end of it, the reader feels as he got to know just as much about the countries of Portugal and Spain as about Vien and her husband, Hermann, who I am pretty sure every reader would like to have as friends and travel companion for their next trip."

Mathias Pastor Wagner, Amazon Reader

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