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My husband, Hermann, and I love to travel, to explore mountain trails, to garden and to capture whatever interests us, which is pretty much everything. To preserve our adventures and memories and combining them with photos and the things I learned is what encourages me to write books. 


Check them out! Each book will take you along to these amazing places that you may want to visit. The history, scenery and culture of these places are hopefully enough to keep you interested.

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We travel up to a month on most of our trips. Visiting stunning nature's wonders, amazing historic sites, charming villages and cities, as wells as sampling food and learning the countries' cultures are something we look forward to on our travels.

Vien & Hermann

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My latest travel book. It will take you to the fascinating country of the Scotland. Available in paperback and Kindle Edition. Scroll down to read the excerpt or click the link for details.

“You cannot open a book without learning something”    - Confucius

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OUR GARDEN: Gardening in Colorado.


126 pages of colorful photos taken in our garden from spring to fall.


For some people, gardening is sometimes intimidating but it's a trial and error process and definitely not an overnight success. In this book are the lessons we learned gardening in Colorado. Over fourteen years or so,  we created an oasis not only for ourselves to enjoy, but for our friends and animal visitors (birds, butterflies and bees) that our garden attracts.

For Garden Lovers  and Garden Enthusiasts

Go ahead, take a Glimpse!

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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 
_ Gustave Flaubert

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Scotland’s tumultuous history and the country’s dramatic landscapes is what made this two-week road trip for Vien and Hermann worth remembering years afterward. From the Lowlands to the Highlands and back, they found interesting places to explore - ancient sites, monuments, cathedrals and churches, castles and hiking trails. Also on this trip they indulged their palates with delicious local foods, including game meat and the traditional haggis, without breaking the bank.


Throughout their journey they found that most historic sites they visited in the country are, somehow or other, interconnected with the Scots’ historic struggle for independence from the British - the abolition of the monarchy, the battles of the rightful heirs to the throne, the Union of the Crowns and the Scots’ religious and mythical beliefs.


The Emerald Isle's rich history, which began way back in the Stone Age and continued through the years of the English rule to the present day, is what made this trip for Vien and Hermann an enriching journey. For two weeks, they immersed themselves in everything Irish, exploring the southern half of the island. Follow their path as they visited fascinating ancient sites, fantastic churches and cathedrals, interesting castles, charming towns and fishing villages. They visited parks and national parks, tasted delicious local food and found out what it was like to converse with friendly locals and laugh at their humor.


Europe has always fascinated Vien and her husband Hermann as a place to explore. On this journey, they did not do any hiking or exploring of nature's wonders. This time they focused on discovering amazing historic sites, conversing with the locals and eating delicious gastronomic delights.


For three weeks they explored Iberia, starting in Portugal, "The Land of Discoveries", then crossing the border into Spain.After exploring the region of Extremadura, the birthplace of some of the famous conquistadors, they crossed back again into Portugal. Follow them as they discovered incredible historic sites left behind since Neolithic times, by the Romans, Moors and the early Christian. Oh! They also took a train ride up the Douro Valley, the wine county of Portugal. Port anyone? This might be their best road trip yet in Europe. 

NEW ZEALAND: "The Land of the Long White Cloud"

Vien and her husband Hermann ventured on another road trip, this time in New Zealand, "The Land of the Long White Cloud." They lived in a camper van (except for the frst four nights staying with friends in Auckland), staying from one camp to another as they worked their way down from central North Island to the South Island. They explored parts of the country's unique and diverse natural wonders - beaches, waterfalls, lakes, thermal features, rain forests, volcanoes, glaciers and fiords. In between, they visited historic towns, tasted the local food and experienced the local Māori culture. 


Vien loves going on a road trips with her husband Hermann, mostly here in America. But this time they decided to do a road trip abroad, most particularly in Europe. They started in Switzerland, passing by Austria to Germany and then back to Switzerland. Vien and Hermann explored not only the popular historic sites but also out of the way places where few tourists go. They tasted the local food, hiked in the Alps and experiences a car mishap. This book will take you on their three-week journey and you will learn about history, the food, the medieval towns, churches and castles as you follow in their footsteps.

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What readers say...

what an engaging travel guide

— Beth Mahar, Amazon Reader

"What an engaging travel guide. The author writes as a friend, providing historical background to the places she and her husband visited, while delighting us with sights, sounds, and taste of what they experienced. She shows us how to explore, and create our own adventures" 

A new take on travel guides

"As the cover says, this is not a travel guide, but a travel journal. Don't be mistaken, though: It will provide you with just as much information on several parts of Portugal and Spain.


Instead of using the traditional (and exhausting) format of travel guides, where all pages are full of boxes and pictures and highlights and overwhelming information and what-not, the author does a great job of mixing historical research with personal experience and tips, while always dosing a great amount of humor, which makes the reading fluid and enjoyable. ​


At the end of it, the reader feels as he got to know just as much about the countries of Portugal and Spain as about Vien and her husband, Hermann, who I am pretty sure every reader would like to have as friends and travel companion for their next trip."

Mathias Pastor Wagner, Amazon Reader