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Hiking in Arches National Park – Moab, Utah

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

To get up close and personal to some of the arches in the park requires a little effort on your part. Some of the best arches can only be reached by hiking. It's worth it though. You will realized how big some of these arches are as you stand near them. There are plenty of hiking trails in the park that you can choose, you can make it longer or shorter such as by taking the Broken Arch/Tapestry Arch/Skyline Arch Loop Trail. If you feel a little adventurous take the trail to Landscape Arch and then all the way to Double O Arch. These are all moderate hikes, but you have to consider the weather as the heat can slow you down. One fun way to explore is to take a guided tour of the Fiery Furnace, this is one of the best experiences you can get in the park.


We begin this loop trail at the Sand Dune Arch parking area, along Arches Scenic Drive. Or you can visit these three arches by starting at the parking lot by the Devil's Garden Campground. To start the hike, you can choose to visit the Sand Dune Arch first, if you haven't yet, before following the trail to Broken Arch. From there, the trail continues to Tapestry Arch, then you have to back track a little on the trail to Skyline Arch.

Before completing the loop, the trail goes between tall rock formations. This is a family-friendly trail, easy, nothing strenuous. Just mind the heat and bring water with you.

Sand Dune Arch is located between these fins.
View after the Skyline Arch

DELICATE ARCH - 3.0 miles round trip

Delicate Arch is one of the best known arches in the park. You can see it from a viewpoint below, but for the best view, it can be reached by hiking up 1.5 miles to the top, where you will get the classic view.

Delicate Arch

It sits at the edge of a slick-rock bowl with the view of the mesas, river canyons and the La Sal Mountains. Delicate Arch is about 46 feet high and 35 feet wide. It is the best-known and most recognized feature of the park. It is best seen in the late afternoon, although it can be a very hot hike to get there at that time of day.

To get a scale of how big Delicate Arch is.
Delicate Arch


Landscape Arch

In an area called the Devil's Garden is the Landscape Arch - considered the longest natural arch in the world at 291 feet. Since 1991, there have been three instances of large slabs of rock falling out of the thinnest part of the arch. This has prompted the National Park service to close the trail that went under the arch. It is bound to collapse "soon" - maybe even in our lifetime.

This is a maintained trail about 1.5 miles long (each way), not a major hike. But to continue to Double O Arch then the trail gets a bit more strenuous with a little scrambling on rocks.

Shortly after Landscape Arch, you will pass the site of a collapsed arch. We were lucky enough to see it before it collapsed during the night of August 4/5, 2008. The Wall Arch (below left) as it looked before the collapse and the remains of Wall Arch (below right) after it collapsed. No one saw it happen but some campers in the park heard the sound during the night. It was the most significant collapse since a large section of Landscape Arch fell in 1991.

Wall Arch was the 12th biggest arch in the park; it measured 71 feet wide by 33 1/2 feet high. It was named by Lewis T. McKinney in 1948. If Hermann had known that the arch would collapse 10 months after this picture (below left) was taken, he might not have posed under it!

Wall Arch before it collapsed
Wall Arch after its collapse

On this trail, you will pass a side trail to several arches - Navajo Arch and Partition Arch. You need to backtrack to get back to Devils Garden Trail. You can choose to end your hike here or continue on to Double O Arch; then you would have another mile of hiking to reach it, but it's worth the effort.

Navajo Arch
Partition Arch
To get a scale of how big Partition Arch is.

Past the Navajo Arch and Partition Arch, the trail continues to Double O Arch. If you can climb through the small arch to the other side, you will be rewarded with a stunning view. For a small person like me, Hermann had to lift me up to reach the small arch.

Admiring the view
First view of Double O Arch
Double O Arch

If you have more time and energy, this trail continues on to Dark Angel, a 150 foot sandstone tower a half mile from Double O Arch. From there, the trail continues all the way to the Salt Valley Road. From Salt Valley Road, you can even extend your hike all the way to Tower Arch, but that is probably too much hiking in one day. Save it for another day, that's what we did.


TOWER ARCH - 3.5 round trip

If you want to hike with less crowds, this is one of the trails that you can take. Tower Arch is located in a remote section of the park called Klondike Bluffs. From Salt Valley Road, take the Klondike Bluffs Road, the trailhead is at the end of the road, just less than a mile. The trail is well marked and easy enough to follow. Although the hike is short, the heat will make the hike longer than it seems. Bring plenty of water and mind the Cryptobiotic soil crust, they take many years to grow back. These crusts are important in preventing soil erosion due to rainfall.

View along the trail
I'm the King!

On the trail, if you are not looking up, it is easy enough to miss Parallel Arch. It is well camouflaged against the cliffs and hidden behind the trees.

Parallel Arch
Tower Arch
Enjoying the view from the arch
To get a scale of Tower Arch

Tower Arch is not the biggest in the park, it spans about 92 foot, but its immensity and thickness are quite impressive, very solid. There is a shorter route to this arch, but you will need a four-wheel drive.


FIERY FURNACE - 2.5 miles

Hiking in Fiery Furnace you will need a guide as you can easily get lost on your own. It is a fun trail and really worth doing if you are in Arches National Park. The trail follows a deep maze of narrow passages, tall columns, fins and hidden arches. We did this tour twice, once with family, and it's always fun.

A little briefing from the ranger
Tall rock formations

Expect to do some scrambling on rocks and going through very narrow passages between walls. You also need to use your butt to get through some of these passages, but it is fun.

Besides rock formations, you will find two arches in this maze, Twin Arch, also called Skull Arch, and Surprise Arch.

Twin Arch, also called Skull Arch
Surprise Arch

So, after this guided tour I'm sure you will come out of the maze smiling, with a little knowledge about the park and its habitat and a little more appreciation of the desert. You will say to yourself that it is worth the tour.


Don't just explore in the park, there are plenty more hiking trails and arches outside of Arches National Park such as Jeep Arch, Negro Bill Canyon Trail (Morning Glory Bridge), Corona Arch, Pinto Arch.


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