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Flowers and Insects

A compilation of flowers and insects, with pages of colorful photos, as well as information about the great importance of these two living things in our ecosystem.

Sometimes we get lucky finding a whole meadow of colorful wildflowers, with butterflies and bees buzzing and flying from bloom to bloom.  Truly an amazing experience to be surrounded by this wonderful nature. Turn on the sound.

Wildflowers of Colorado

Colorado Wildflowers Part 1
Colorado Wildflowers Part 2

The best part of hiking in Colorado are the amazing displays of wildflowers from the foothills to the high alpine zone. From early spring to mid-summer there are varieties of species and colors, sometimes in small groups or by themselves, or hidden among bushes, under the shade of trees or nestled among rocks.


The best treat is finding a meadow full of colorful flowers, such as the picture above. What an amazing amount of flowers as far as the eye can see, so peaceful and beautiful, the only sound you can hear are the buzzing of the bees and the water flowing in the stream. Such an abundance of wildflowers does not always happen; it depends on how much precipitation our mother nature gave each year. You just have to be at the right place and at the right time; even in more dry times, it is possible to find some pretty spectacular stands of wildflowers.

Through the years we have collected hundreds of pictures of wildflowers from our hiking trips. We always bring our cameras, since you never know what you will find; it's worth carrying the extra weight when you find something rare (Hermann's camera equipment can be quite heavy when he brings along extra lenses to get just the right shot).

Summer Hiking in Colorado 2019

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Colorado High Mountain Landscapes

Ptarmigan lake

Colorado wildflowers

Wildflowers grow in different zones. Here in Colorado, there are five - Plains, Foothills, Montane, Subalpine and Alpine. Some of these wildflowers are native and some were introduced from other regions and other countries. Examples below. Click each photo for full view.

Alpine Bluebells
Subalpine Larkspur
Purple Fringe
Sky Pilots
Arctic Alpine Forget-Me-Not
Rose Gentian
Whipple's Penstemon
Bigelow's Tansy Aster
Rocky Mountain Fringed Gentian
Sticky Polemonium
Wild Iris
Parry's Bellflower
Early Larkspur
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Golden Pea
Prickly Pear Cactus
Yellow Salsify
Alpine Sunflower
Subalpine Buttercup
Mountain Monkey Flower
Alpine Buttercup
Lyall's Goldenweed
Yellow Violet
Western Wallflower
Hopi Blanketflower
Leafy Cinquefoil
Curlycup Gumweed
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White Mountain Aven
Marsh Marigold
Fringed Grass of Parnassus
Large Mountain Fleabane
52 White Gentian
Alpine Lily
American Bistort
Western Blue Virginsbower
Tufted Evening Primrose
Sand Lily
Mountain Ninebark
Boulder Raspberry
Night-flowering Catchfly
Mouse-eared Chickweed
Mariposa Lily
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Scartlet Gilia
Rosy Pussytoes
Alpine Sorrel
Western Wallflower
Foothills  Paintbrush
Orange Agoseris
Indian Paintbrush
King's Crown
Old Man's Whiskers
Claret Cup Cactus
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Crown Vetch
Creeping Bellflower
Colorado Loco
Wild Bergamot
Spring Beauty
Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
Wild Geranium
Wild Rose
Calypso Orchid
Common Milkweed
Shooting Star
Swamp Laurel
Pygmy Bitterroot
Alpine Lewisia
Moss Campion
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Night-flowering Catchfly