Vegetable & Herb Garden

"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon" _ by Doug Larson


We only have small vegetable plots in the backyard but we plant different varieties of vegetables in them. You don't need big areas to plant vegetables, you can grow tomatoes even in pots. The benefit is, you get to eat freshly picked vegetables free from pesticides and they are the sweetest and tastiest you can ever get anywhere.


The wonder of gardening is that you can discover something new each year. Other than the usual vegetables (lettuce, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, carrots etc.), we try to plant new varieties each year. Some worked, but others did not. Colorado has a short summer and some plants (both ornamental and vegetables) are not ideal for our location. Below are some of the easy ones to grow.


Herbs are expensive to buy so we grow our own. We use them all the time, fresh during summer months and dried for winter - Hermann is meticulous about drying them. We grow herbs from seeds, so you can imagine we always have plenty. I let some of them bloom for the bees to enjoy. Honeybees love them! Just make sure to cut the blooms off before they totally dry out, especially mint and oregano, otherwise you will be pulling them out all over the garden come spring.



Herb blooms are edible but are also nice mixed in with your flower arrangement, such as the chives flowers below.

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