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Road Trip in New Zealand

New Zealand "Aotearoa"
"The Land of the Long White Cloud" 

"Aim for the highest cloud so that if you miss it, you will hit a lofty mountain"   - Maori Proverb

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Every culture has a legend. To the Māori, the creation of the two islands (North and South Island) in New Zealand sprung up through the action of the culture hero or a demigod called Maui, who is famous for his exploits and trickery.

North Island (Te Ika-a-Maui)

According to legend, Maui and his brothers where fishing from their canoe in the South Island when he caught a great fish and pulled it from the sea. While he was not looking, his brothers fought over the fish and chopped it up. This great fish became the North Island, which resulted in the Māori name for the North Island, Te Ika-a-Maui, which means "The Fish of Maui". The mountains and valleys are believed to have been formed as a result of Maui's brothers hacking at the fish. 

South Island (Te Waipounamu)

The South Island is the larger of the two main islands of New Zealand, but is far less populated than the North Island. It is bordered to north by the Cook Strait, to the west by the Tasman Sea, and the Pacific Ocean to the south and east. The first Europeans known to reach the South Island were the crew of the Dutchman Abel Tasman, a seafarer, explorer and merchant.

Haka is a traditional Māori war cry, dance or challenge issued by these ancient New Zealand people.

Hiking/Tramping in Parks & Reserves

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Emerald Lakes

Tramping the Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Tongariro National Park

Mangapohoe Natural Bridge & Reserve

Mangapohoe Natural Bridge & Reserve, Waikato

Franz Josef Glacier

Tramping to Franz Josef Glacier


Tramping the Hooker Valley Track - Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park


Short Hikes in Queenstown - South Island

Tasman Lake

Tramping to Tasman Glacier Viewpoint - Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

Food to eat when in New Zealand


Other Attractions in New Zealand

Huia, Manukau Harbor, North Island, New Zealand

Huia, Manukau Harbor, Auckland


Hobbiton, Matamata

Kare Kare Beach, North Island

Kare Kare Beach, Auckland

Milford Sound

Fiordland National Park

Piha Beach, North Island

Piha Beach, Auckland

Paparoa National Park

Paparoa National Park

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